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Cross-Listing can enhance a company’s liquidity and lower their cost of capital

Are you already listed on another stock market?

Your corporation’s shares are a powerful product that your
company can market to the world, and will serve as an entrée into
international markets both for capital and commercial activity. Why limit
yourself to just one capital market?
Are you a reporting issuer in Canada but trade only outside of
Are you listed on the:


We invite you to consider listing in Canada as an additional market for
your shares. We can ensure an easy transition that is both
cost-efficient and timely, will increase your shareholder base and open up
a substantial new capital pool. Importantly, it will also give your
products/services exposure into a mature consumer
market, as well as provide a natural gateway to the consumer market in the United States.
Publicly listed companies have raised billions of dollars on Canadian Stock
Exchanges. cross-listing and offers value for money, trading advantages, and
a substantial increase in market awareness – both in the capital markets
NEO – the newest senior stock exchange in Canada – welcomes your cross-listing and offers value for money, trading advantages, and a substantial increase in market awareness – both in the capital markets and in the commercial markets for your products and in the commercial markets for your products.
NEO Stock Exchange



Financial Gains



Through a cross-listing on the NEO Exchange, your company can lower its
cost of capital by reaching more investors.
This broader reach will reduce the market risk premium because of the
higher level of investor diversified cation amplified on a stock exchange
such as NEO, which focuses on transparency, liquidity, and fairness.


By establishing an anchor listing on NEO, you are able to benefit from a
secondary market of your shares in Canada that can be used for North
American acquisitions, as well as improve retention and potential
recruitment of North American managers and employees.




A NEO cross-listing will contribute to share value by providing liquidity
to Canadian investors and increasing exposure to the Canadian capital
markets of your shares through a platform that gives priority to long-term
investors via its speed bump, a designated market marker program providing
real and reliable liquidity, as well as the cross-border arbitrage
considerations whereby narrower spreads will be generated.


Through a NEO cross-listing an increase in total trading volume and market
depth will emerge for your company’s shares.


An additional advantage of a cross-listing on NEO is that it facilitates
the process of assessing share value at the beginning of a trading session
in two different markets. At the opening of trading on both NEO and OTCQB
prices will be less volatile for your shares as a result of being traded
simultaneously on the other exchange.

Market Awareness



A NEO cross-listing will bring your shares closer to Canadian investors as
it increases investor awareness, corporate visibility and information flow
across North America. This will also allow the market to make faster, more
accurate decisions.


Your company can generate increased investor and customer recognition with
a NEO cross-listing. A cross-listing will increase media coverage for
investors and potential customers as well as boost the number of analysts
covering your stock which tends to improve the accuracy of earnings
forecasts. Additionally, with the expanded investor base the demand for the
shares will rise.


As Canada has a high investor protection rating at 7.71, by
bonding with the Canadian market through an anchor listing on NEO, your
company will be able to show the market that its regulatory disclosure has
been reviewed by two additional regulatory agencies– specifically the
securities commission in Canada and the NEO Exchange, re-enforcing the
company’s commitment to investor protection.
Reach out to us at the number below for a discussion on how a cross-listing
in Canada on NEO will be a benefit for your equity listing. We would be
happy to provide you with a detailed proposal, including costs and
timeline, for your company that would assist your executive team in
reaching a decision on this opportunity.
Jeffrey Stanger
Senior Advisor, Corporate Listings
NEO Exchange

T: 416-933-5945
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E: [email protected]

1 Source: World Bank Doing Business Guide