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Law & Accounting Matters


The purpose of Law & Accounting Matters is to focus on important legal issues and financial reporting standards for public companies or those going public. Law & Accounting Matters provides insight into the many areas of focus for securities commissions and stock exchanges in determining whether you make the grade.

Note: Law & Accounting Matters is not a substitute for lawyers or auditors. It can provide you with useful information so that you have a reasonable head start on what to expect from your professional advisers and what questions to ask.

Law & Accounting Matters is edited by Robert Spiegel of Stikeman Keeley Spiegel Pasternack LLP (Toronto).  Mr. Spiegel specializes in securities financing, mergers and acquisitions and complex corporate reorganizations.  Mr. Spiegel also specializes in stock exchange listing, compliance and regulation, and provides advisory services in connection with issuer and broker compliance. He was formerly in house counsel at the TSX.  You can reach Mr. Spiegel at

If you wish to contribute to Law & Accounting Matters or have a question regarding the publication please email us at

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