Canadian Stock Market, OTCBB, NASDAQ, AIM | Going Public in Canada

Are you listed on another stock market?

Why only one?  Your shares are an additional product your company has to market. Why limit yourself to only one capital market?

Are you a reporting issuer in Canada but are only trading outside of Canada?

Are you listed on the: 

  • Alternate Investment Market – AIM
  • American Stock Exchange –AMEX
  • Australian Stock Exchange – ASX
  • Johannesburg Stock Exchange –JSE
  • London Stock Exchange – LSE
  • The NASDAQ Stock Market -NASDAQ
  • NASD OTC Bulletin Board – NASD BB
  • ISDX 

Look to listing in Canada as an additional market for your shares.  It will also give your company's products/services exposure into a very sophisticated consumer market, as well as a gateway to the US consumer market!

Are you a mining exploration company looking for finance?  Canada has one of the largest natural resource capital markets in the world.  Natural resources in Canada account for 11% of Canada’s GDP equating to approximately $88 billion per year.  The natural resources sector represents over $100 billion per annum of Canada's exports.  As well, mining companies invest over $35 billion annually in Canada.

Listed companies have raised hundreds of millions of dollars on CSE -- the Canadian Securities Exchange -- across many different business sectors. Click on the links below to look at the diverse industries that CSE companies operate in.

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